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This is the first N.P. sail I have bought. I have another which is almost twenty years old, too. I did think that using nylon in the luff sleeve would have some durability issues. I have a number of sails of different brands which were made in the last few years and none use nylon instead of dacron. You can replace the panel for about $50, but I'm not sure about the luff sleeve repairs. My most used sail was an 8.4 Loft and it's a bit beat. That was why I bought the V-8. At first I thought I was being a bit foolish especially since I had to buy a new mast, too. In your case, you should proceed like you are doing i.e. continue to sail your old one and pick up some information on the new. The big sails aren't discounted until August so I wouldn't buy until then.
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