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Was out on the weekend in 20+ knots. I must tell you I was really impressed, I was sailing with my 08 NP V8 6.5 in 19 to 26 knots. I hit 28,4 knots on the GPS which I was pretty happy with as there was around half a meter+ of chop, and could feel that the board had a lot more speed in it, I must admit I was not going flat out (it was the first time I was on the board). I had the 36 cm fin on it and had no spin out at all.

I was really impressed as to how the board remained controlable through the gusts it was great - guys well done on designing a great board - now I just have to try it out in the lighter winds (13+knot) - I will update the thread once done.

So far exactly what I was looking for and can highly recomend for any sailor who weighs around 75kg and wants a slaolom board for 13 - 25knots.
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