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so there is one final way to figure this out: peer assesment!
Everyone with a new board should try to sail as big as possible on it, this way we can get a perhaps better estimate on the sailing range? So far i've only tried sailing the GO139 2008 with an aerotech VMG 8,8 2000 on the stock 48 fin: result: it got planning but i needed a good gust to get going and on the stock fin upwind sailing was nothing short from c**p so a 52 is a must but i'll asses that next time. Anyone up for bigger rigs? I'm very willing to give a 9,5 a go aswell as a 10 mē but my recon, that would be it's ultimate carry barrier. Unfortunatly i have no such rigs so if anyone out there wants to try the combo: GO FOR IT! and let us know.

ps: my weight = 95 Kilo's (weight + wetsuit + harness)
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