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Hi all,
As Ellen suggests here, we are not part of the Starboard organization (at least not the part that gets paid by Starboard HQ in Bangkok, Thailand) so we cannot comment "officially" for Starboard.
I will try to get someone from the "official" Starboard organization to comment here, but I suspect that they know the 2008 footstraps are causing some customers some problems.
I agree with Ken here also.
If I put in a little extra effort to get the footstraps opened up when I install them, they seem to work quite well.
As to getting Starboard to go back to 3 hole K9 Lock inserts, I'm in favor of that to help with this problem overall, but again, I have no "official" say so in these matters and if I object too strenuously, or cause too many problems/issues, I may get no support at all.
Hope this helps,

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