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I have a severene S1 5.3 06 recommended mast rdm400. This has lots of luff curve and a fair bit of tension through the centre but an average amount of twist at the top. This combination feels so right on the water that I wouldnt`t mess with it. Not that I could, I dont own a 430 rdm and the sleeve is way to narrow for a standard diameter mast.

I have a North Ice 4.5 06 and this rigs with much less luff curve and less tension through the centre. This feels like it could be tuned to different masts quite easily.

It is hard to avoid the randomness of trial and error when making these rig variations.On the overpowered days I tend to prefer a softer mast, rig combination.The simplicity of having everything rig on the same mast is a bonus.
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