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Originally Posted by xmlshop View Post

which wind speed fit to lean jibe. 10kt 12kt or 14kt.

I use 5.5 sail. weight 115kg
... 5.5 and 115 K, do you get planning in 10-14 knots? I weigh 95 K and in 12 knots i rig a 8.8 formula sail to get planning after a good deal of pumping. To lay down jibe you need to have planning speed else the whole process takes too long and you're bound to fall on your sail. with a 5.5 you're gonne need at least 20 knots or so to get planning. Once you get there, get up to a good speed and course and then only can you start putting your rear foot across to initiate the process, then lay down the sail, push harder onto the backfoot, wait till you're fulle downwind and then lift and flip. But in 14 knots ... not happening if you ask me.
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