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I've put a lot of thought into this idea myself a little while back. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way a lot of the time. The reality of it is that sails that are built like the Hucker are (i.e. super tight leech), feel like they have loads more power than a sail of equal size. In fact they feel like they offer power equivalent to sails a full meter up in size. The truth of it though can be found in our formula friends in form of a clever phrase, "there is no replacement, for displacement". Granted this idea is used a bit differently by them but it has merit throughout the sport. It doesn't matter what sail size you are using, if you don't have enough wind for it, your not going anywhere. Now I'm not saying that 5.8 Hucker-esque freestyle sail wouldn't plane up more quickly then sails of a similar size, but I am saying that that it wouldn't plane up faster than a larger, 6.5ish early planing sail. I've seen it first hand. There has been many days were I was getting going most of the time on my 6.4 Loco popin' freestyle everywhere, and the local Hucker guy rigged up his 5.6 and didn't get going at all. Not even once. You like he'd learn. And further more, the sail properties that make a Hucker a Hucker are not properties I would look for in a freestyle sail. Huckers work the way they do because of a super tight leech and a full power outline. Sails like this don't neutralize super easily, full power outline makes them more difficult to toss around. Having a fat sail foot provides low end power, but is very difficult to get around for rig ducking. The super high tension gives a tight leech, but needs heavy reenforcement to hold it together during abuse. This also makes a sail feel very heavy, not what you need for freestyle. I think the current freestyle sails out there right now fit the bill, and that a little bit a looking is all your going to have to do to find the right one for you. Thats just my 2cents though.
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