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Default 2 Boards for Slalom

Hi Ian

I would like to use just 2 boards for slalom but I feel always something missing. I own 105 and 125 Isonic and 6.7, 7.8 and 9.0 RS6 and 34-38-42-46 Deboichet SL2.I'm 80 kg. The big problem for me in 20 knots I can't use 105 with 7.8 RS6. This sail is to big for this board. The feeling is so bad and doesn't go fast. I always use 7.8 with 125 and I lost this range of wind. 6.7 - 105 and 125-7.8,9.0 are good combinations but 105-7.8 combination is big problem for me. Maybe I do something wrong. If less wind no problem, hi wind no problem but mediumwind (18-22 knots) I can't find any solution. In this condition I try 7.2 with 115 and it's so fast.But I'don't want to buy a third board. As you know you have to choose 2 boards for the competition. This year I will change all my boards and sails . Can you help me for choosing board and sail combination?

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