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Default New board set

Dear all I need your hepl to decide which board to buy.
? The set will have to be used by me and my wife. We are both quite experienced and good surfers, I?m 194 cm. 94 kg. , she is 170cm. 60 kg.
? We?d like to have no more that 3 boards
? We play windsurf mainly on a lake, sometime on the Mediterranean sea (Hyeres, Spain, Italy or Grece)
? Our sail range go from 3.3 to 7.0 actually
? On our lake we have similar condition to the Garda lake ones with little chop where I?d like to do little jumps.
? Actually we have: RRD wave cult 75 liters 2001, Carve 90 2003, Carve 111 2004.
? In August we have been in Maui and there my wife rent a naish Freewave 86l. 214 cm. and she fall in love with this kind of board

I?d like to buy 3 new boards for us and my idea is:
1. S-Type 126
2. Kombat 107 or 97
3. Kombat 87 or 79

What do you suggest?

Many thanks
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