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XMLShop could have miscalculated his windspeeds. If you don't have a windmeter it's often hard to estimate. You can only tell from a lot of experience on your own spot how hard the wind is blowing there. Once you get to a new spot, you're clueless again without a meter.

Anyway, it doesn't take away that xmlShop claims to be planning, even if his estimates are off. Once he is planning, and is fully planning, then he can work on both jibes aswell as laydown jibes. Besides, on the free forum, arent we discussing the issue of freestyle sails and their early plannning power in comparison to normal sails? But yeah, i'll have to agree, 57 K and planning on a 5.5 ... a lot of gusts and pumping might make it happen. In anycase, a nonplanning situation is always good to start jibe practice, that way you get a feel for it.
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