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I do not expect planning at those winds I just wanted to know what is a better choice than the Aero 117 to be close to planning conditions also by lower wind. I just wanted to say that with the Aero and 7.0 it is extremely difficult even by 15 knots.

I do not want Formula and I do not want to carry a sail bigger than 8.5.

You know on Aero and below 15 knots it is more about moving slowly and almost below see level with my weight.

Whaat I want is board for a low wind, that I can use with 7.0 and 8.5 and if the wind is not enough for planning than at least I can be moving a bit faster and more comfortable.

This was not at all about the sail range, I know that I can use even bigger sail...but I donīt have one and donīt plan to buy any in the near future.

Nevertheless, thanks for your answers to both of you.
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