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Default Clinton Filen? Ben Severne? any other sail designers out there??

Hi guys, I still think the original idea can be possible. We have genious behind our sport-

we have got to a final statement...its possible to have loads of power but maybe its not the best for freestyle (weight, handling, durability ect.)

Anyway, it still think its possible and answer as: YES, this sail planes 2 knots earlier than any other sails in the Freestyle range of all companies.

Remember back when people said...its impossible to have a board planning in 7 knots...when they finally appeared, they said...but they wont be fast as the normal ones. After a few years...we know that all race guys switched to Formula type boards as they got planning in 2 knots less than usual and were faster than the previous ones.

Hope Clinton or Ben can comment on this...or maybe a guy like Barry that sometimes get on this Forum.

I still think that as the Formulas appeared, as the Glide appeared...I think is possible to have a Freestyle sail that planes 2 knots less than a Hucker in the same size and with the best mast combination for early planning.

THats it...any brilliant ideas?

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