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FattyBB, fitness and endurance are only part of the Olympic spirit according to the IOC itself. The first of all the "Fundamental Principles of Olympism" from the Olympic Charter says that "Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind." So according to the IOC's first and most basic tenet, mind (ie technique) is as important as body and will.

It's interesting to look at the report of the committee that chose the last Olympic board. They wanted "to re-establish windsurfing as a mainstream, popular racing discipline for youth and adult sailing throughout the world" and "to re-unite the windsurfing community, so that all windsurfers will regard the Olympic regatta as the pinnacle event in windsurfing". The boat was supposed to inspire kids (maybe the T293's success proves the RSX works for that) and to be "consistent with mainstream windsurfing as it is performed worldwide."

A hybrid, Serenity (or Div 2 board) and a Formula board all fail pretty much all of these criteria.

Aco, you may like performance (and that's cool) but most people who race under sail do so in pretty slow gear. FW is pretty damn quick but it's also not really very popular, so it seems that many (most?) windsurfer racers also feel that sheer speed is not the main requirement.
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