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Besides, Formula does not represent the majority of windsurfers. Your biggest argument is earlier planing and suiting the body weight of the majority of windsurfers. By windsurfers you probably mean heavy and tall muscular windsurfers and that the current RS:X class is more suited towards lighter sailors in light winds and heavier sailors in the stronger winds. This is why it is interesting to see how consistent the windsurfers need to be to fare well in the competition.

True, early planing does look more appealing the the media and audience on shore, but what about those who can't plane do to their technique/ posture...e.t.c. The competition would be down to those who can get on the plane the earliest and the racing would not be as close as it currently is.

50%+ of races in regattas take place in under 6 knots of winds, and to meet the threshold of racing would mean more waiting...waiting..waiting and more waiting!

Steve C, your earlier comment about how the norm do not own RS:X boards, for freesailing or what have you. But the feeder class- the techno 293 is all about it! Furthermore, what about the current RS:X sailors. The transition would get difficult to get used to and only the formula sailors would benefit the most.

As always, I open to any suggestions on this
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