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Default Advice needed !

Hi dear surfers !

I'm 193cm/115 kg, good surfer (not competitor) and I'd like to change one of my boards. I'd like an Isonic able to cope with 9,0 and 7,8 and there is a Isonic 145 available where I live.

Is ity a good choice or is it too large considering I already have a formula rig ?

I'd like something really fast and which feels like a slalom board, not a formula but would an Isonic 133 or 122 be suitable for me with 7,8 and 9,0 ?

My Formula quiver :
F2 FX 100 IV 2006
North Warp 11m 2006
Deboichet Custom: 70cm R13 and R19

Thank you for your help, greatly appreciated !!!!
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