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Default Rig tuning/ rounding up

Lately I have been having the problem that I round upwind in all but extremely low wind. I am sailing a 145 Carve with the fin it came with, a 520 Drake. I often sail with either a 6.5 Gaastra GTR (no cams) or an 8.7 Gaastra Nitro 2 (4 cams) on a 490 29 imcs mast. I have tried to follow the recommended settings as a starting point. I have been sailing in more aggresive conditions than in the past, and I am guessing that this problem never showed up because I was never pushing as much before or I am doing something wrong.
As soon as the the wind hits around 10+ knots the board wants to round up. Even when I try to uphaul, the board wants to spin right into the wind and stall. I have been successful at putting my front foot really far forward (in front of the mast base)to get the board going, and once on a plane I have to keep my front foot right by the mast base to keep the board from rounding up into the wind. I believe that it is a rigging/tuning error, because recently while in Fla. I rented a board from Calema, and had no problems, just great sailing. I also had someone else try my setup and they were feeling the same things that I felt. I tried moving the mast base from the center of the track forward, and then all the way back, but it didn't seem to eliminate the problem.
Last weekend I decide to try varying the outhaul and the downhaul to see what happened. I kept the mast base in the center of the track. I tried adding more outhaul to try and move the center of effort forward. It may have helped but not enough to stop the problem. Then I tried releasing downhaul tension a little. Again, minor change, still the tendency do roundup. Then I released the downhaul tension until the leech was tight, still not enough to eliminate the problem.

Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.
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