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Smile Durable light air board for 46 year old

I was sailing my 2001 AHD Formula 95 about a week ago on the river next to my house when I found a new sandbar/oyster rake (I thought I knew all of them). I had an abrupt deceleration from about 18 knots to zero, and as I was catapulted into the river my rig slammed the deck, cracking the nose of my board.

As I see it, I have two options:
1) have the board repaired (a bit of a hassle, but it's been done before and could be done again), or
2) buy a new board

If I buy a new board, I might like something a little easier to handle and more durable than my old AHD Formula board (I am not getting any younger, and my opportunities to exercise are more and more limited due to family commitments).

So, here is what I am looking to accomplish:

Mainly back and forth sailing in flat water on the coastal river next to my home. Because the wind and current often align, I need a board with a fin/sail combination that allows for good VMG upwind to keep from getting swept away from my dock. What worked best for me with the AHD Formula board (until the crash) was a Maui Sails MS2 10m sail and a 70 cm Deboichet fin. I weigh about 75 kg, have excellent, though not expert, skills, and have windsurfed since the age of 13.

Any recommendations? I no longer race, and simply want something easy to handle for flat water sailing in summer sea breezes (typically 6 to 12 knots). This formula gear seems to be getting more and more difficult to horse around as I get older. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
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