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A good friend of mine has the SB Formula Experience board which is a Formula 160 in a way more durable construction. It is noticably heavier than my old 160 and my current 162 of course, but it seems he gets it going really well and has great speed compared to the rest of us except pointing really high (probably has to do with technique as well though). Also he bought the board progressing directly from a wide centre-fin equipped beginners board and thus used this board when progressing through stages that saw him slam really really hard at times (including something that looked like an almost complete and very un-intentional front loop just a few days ago) and he has yet to repair tjhe board. On the other hand I've got 4 holes in my 162 from minor stuff like dropping the rig on uphaul rope knots etc.) All in all I think the FE 160 looks like a great board for recreational formula sailing.
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