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The board that I rented at Calema was a 160L Fanatic, I think the one that I rented was 80 or 82cm wide, my 145 Carve is 78cm wide a difference of 2 to 4cm. Is that enough of a difference to mask a technique problem?
I guess that I am focusing on the rig and tuning because I had a good session on rental gear, and I had someone else try my rig and give me the same feedback on what I was feeling. That is not to say that I am ruling out my technique, actually I would love to find out that it was something that I am doing wrong, I would just like to figure it out!
I even weighed the board to see if it was the same weight as the mfg specification, it was.
I live in Northern NJ, sorry not really convenient to Hatteras.
If I get out this weekend, I am going to make a conscious effort to make sure the rig is perpendicular to the wind before starting, keeping the board flat, and keeping the sail upwind a bit more.
Could you clarify what you mean when you say “get the board fully moving”

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