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Default Fins the good and bad on futura

Having read the article from Roger I then wonder why the smaller futura's come with such poor performing fin. I have a 133 which was supplied with an excellent fin. 10/10

The demo board in our shop is a 111 and a friend has the 93. The free fin supplied with both those boards 4/10 only work in very powered up bumpy conditions. In all other situations I and friends have found they are prone to spin out. We often ask why doesn't starboard put the same fin as the old Hypers or the Isonic fin on the futura. It is a fast freeride and most buyers don't want to get an additional couple of fins as well as a new board. When I'm promoting the board on the beach I have to tell the prospective buyer the fin is no good and you'll need to get an aftermarket fin or keep the one out of your old board. We have tested these boards with the above meantioned fins and they really outshine the stock fin.
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