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Hi SteveC,

Thanks for the input. Yes, I do have to use a someweed fin where I sail when the wind is from a southerly direction. When the wind is from a northerly direction, I sail in places that do not require a someweed fin, so I have to have two fins of every size to do things correctly.

I just ordered a 56 cm Gsport (formerly Curtis) someweed fin which is the biggest they make. I really hope it works well. This is all spurred on by this past Saturday when I was sailing in about 8knots (to begin with, it built to a huge 12-14 knots) with a 50 cm someweed and an 8.3 windwing hammer. I was planing, slogging, planing, you know the drill. When all of a sudden this guy on a SB formula board, 10 m sail, and 56 cm someweed fin (he was lucky to have a slightly older Curtis fin made out of carbon and G10 - no longer being made. the new gsport ones are plastic or something) comes blasting by me on a full plane. I want to do that!! (without getting a formula board I hope I can do that with my 9.8 in maybe 10 knots).

anyway, thanks for the input.

btw, you are the same SteveC I see on the hansen sails forum,right?

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