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Default Futura 122 spinout - Q for Roger Jackson

I have been sailing for 20+ years, weigh 87kg, with about 10 good fins in my quiver, so I think I know about fins, set up, and board control. But there is obviously a gap in my knowledge!

I hardly ever spin out. During first sessions on my new Futura 122 with a powered up Ezzy 7.0 Freeride, I was disappointed by a lot of spinout using the 40 cm stock fin. Spinouts occured both upwind and, really surprisingly, on a fast broad reach. All were recoverable.

Straps were set inboard. Moving the mast base forward a couple of cm ahead of centre seemed to help, but did not eliminate the problem. A change to a 36 cm more swept freeride fin with a similar area seemed to fix the problem.

The stock fin looks great, with no apparent defects. Starboard stock fins are usually pretty good, and Starboard says that the stock fin was developed specifically for the board, so I am concerned that I am doing something wrong.

Are other customers having this problem? Do you have any suggestions?

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