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Originally Posted by Jerk Chicken View Post
".. so now I only cum here every 2 or 3 months."
good i'm not the only messed up person of the sb forum

but seriously how does a bad forum put you off windsurfing? I got loads of bad comments in the beginning because i sometimes just guessed but it never put me off, i learned and whenever i had the chance i went out on my gear and had as much a blast as i could returning to normal life with a satisfied feeling. The only problem, it gets harder and harder to suffice my needs i'm totally going step-in-stone theory with windsurfing. haaaa remeber the times when you were happy with 6 knots?? Now it's 14, lol.

Don't let what people write put you off your own convictions. People say one board sux, you say it kicks ass, their problem, as long as you're having fun on the water and can have a good laugh on the side with other riders all is well, thats what sports and especially windsurfing is all about.

have a glories surf all
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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