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We took in several FEs in ours area and all were well over 12 kg. Not as bad of a setback on the water as one would think, but they became a handful to haul around.

The FE is a better board around a course than a Techno, but the Bic is faster and more fun reaching and downwind. More importantly the Techno is at least 3-4 lbs lighter and waaaay tougher in terms of little dings and big bangs, seriously, no chipping, pulled out footstrap inserts, soft spots etc. I've owned both boards and the FE did not hold up over time nearly as well as I expected it to. The GO construction (pre "Tuffskin") was a lot better if you don't mind the (slippery) EVA Decks. I sadly sold the old GO to get the FE. That got some dings but seemed to be proportionally lighter and, although less ding resistant, tougher all around.

I hope Starboard's new FE model can shed those extra lbs and become tougher. If Starboard could do that, I would propose that board as the Olympic board - good compromise between performance and accessibilty (cost effective/durability). This would be a big boost to the FE class (now if only they'd get rid of the aluminum booms for both classes).
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