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Hi SpeedyG,
I didn't get a Futura 122 this year, but I did get a Futura 133 and the Isonic 111.
I have found a small, but easily fixable problem with the fins on both of these boards.
If you run your fingertips over the Drake logo on the fin, you may find that the rear side of the lettering of the logo sticks up slightly above the surface of the foil.
A few minutes with a flat sanding block, with 400 grit wet and dry abrasive cloth and a little water to wet things out and you can smooth out the lettering and blend it into the surrounding foil surface.
This really made a big difference on both the Futura and Isonic.
Check your fins, and if you can feel anything about the lettering/logo that's "proud" of the surrounding foil, smooth it off.
On my 4 fins, the Drake logo is approx. 50% removed on the trailing edge side.
Hope this helps,
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