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(ha Herman, leuk je ook op het Sb forum te zien korpisurfer)
Roger once told me an intersting thing about starboard. I was discussing fins and he mentioned that Sb (aswell as brands like Mistral and F2) tend to sell an undersized stock fin with their boards. For bigger boards who use a slalom fin this won't be such a problem seeing as slalom fins have a big range and they're used in lightwind so not too many controle issues, for smaller boards, and underfinned fin in lightwind won't get you to do anything. The fins are put into test by the pro's who surf in more marginal conditions so for them the stock works okay (though most probably kick the fin cuz of sponsoring), for other sailors, who own one or two boards for all conditions the stockfin won't cut it in most conditions. Personally i own a finrange of 6-7 fins for just 2 boards, like most surfers, but if you jsut bought a board that you want to use in conditions it really wasn't tested for and you don't have or won't invest in a range of fins you're basicly scr***

thats my thought of it, just invest in fins over time. I can't buy a new board every year so with the gear i have i have to pump out the max of 'em by investing in much cheaper accesories like fins and masts.
Most fins supplied with new boards are small for the board. This results from the fact that in the past over-finning was often the reason many boards got bad reviews. Once aftermarket fin makers developed a success, the board manufacturer's improved their stock fins, I've been told. However, if you want to sail it in the high recommended sail size range, you will do better with a second fin. In fact, I've been informed that if you want to sail it at the top sail size, you will be best served with a weedfin. My experience has re-affirmed this.
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