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Finally got a hold of an old powerbox fin and cut it down. It is now 18 cm and works great I guess (don't have experience with such short fins). However, the thickness (cord length?) is rather well, thick. It was a much bigger fin than 18 cm so just cutting it left it to be a large surface area and also thick. Should I grind it down to thin the profile as well as the cord thickness?

I have done a lot of reading and research trying to find out if a straight cut off (flatt tip) or a rounded tip is better. So far I think a flat tip (like mine) is good because it has a specific spinout point. Would the same be found if I rounded the tip or made it to a point?

Just wondering if there are any benifits to thinning the profile or thinning the cord etc. So far I love the new short fin though!


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