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Thanks for advice for Hucker 4.2. I bought it and used it a lot this spring. Great sail.

But now I have another problem.

Since I busted my Retro6.0 last week, I’ve decide to sell my Retro5.0 and replace both Retro5.0 and 6.0 with Hucker5.6

So, Gator7.5, Hucker 5.6, Hucker 4.2…it’s all I need with freeride 110L and 85L boards

I have ZFree 460…...for G75
JoyStick430……for H56
LipStick400……for H42

I think I will need one more mast to extend range of H56 in order to fill up gap between 5.6 and 7.5. so, which one BackBone 430or 460 ???
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