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Am I missing something here? I have purchased four of their boards over the last 6 or so years and have found their products and their customer support to be very good. During this time, I have been an active participant on their forums and haven't seen any corporate conspiracy to neglect their customers.

I guess if I had to look hard for a complaint, I think they are hesitant to publicly acknowledge their errors (not a surprise, which is a pretty typical corporate response unless it is a safety issue). However, I don't believe that they turn a deaf ear to the problems because I don't see the problems being carried over from year to year. They are listening, and they seem to respond to design or construction issues in their new products.

I have been to many of the other forums and I don't belive that you will find any that are better at providing an exchange of information about a broad range of topics than the *board forum.

Clearly, not everyone sees this the same way as I do, but it seemed appropriate to offer some balance to the thread.
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