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I personally like the current straps a lot, but I agree they are difficult when you want to make the very big. You need to work with them a lot and then they will indeed shrink again between sessions. It's a tradeoff between easy of adjustability and some other things and the comparable DaKine strap I have on one of my boards (ProForm) behave in the same way. So, if one wants to keep the easy of adjustability, maybe it is not so easy after all. For me, since I change between boots and no boots all the time because of the different spots I sail, the adjustability. I think it would be a bad thing if we had to go back to old slow adjusting straps. But at the same time something obviously have to be done to fit you big footed guys in. I don't personally know what is being done for 09, but as Rogers says, the development guys know about the problem.
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