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It's getting rather doll to read these non-sense posts, rumors rumors rumors and rumors only.

Maybe one day some will understand that TOW is key, cause whether you are on the latest Deb, Kashy, Hurricane, Select, Gasoil, ex C3 or else and same with the boards... You still loose heaps more time tacking and jybing while others on their 4-5 yo fin and couple of years old boards have passed the finishing line. And what about start, getting confortable with your kit instead of changing every 6 months etc...

And one fin that works for Bob won't necessaraly work for Jack... use the one fin that you know.

Happy sailing, less finger training on the keyboard!!

blablablabla, "more TOW, more TOW"....
I don't have that TOW. What should Ido? How can I compete with guy who bought Kashy and allways finishes the 1st instead of 4th before Kashy?
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