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let me explain again :
- I had the opportunity to sail the Gaastra board for the first time.
That means ZERO TOW on that board.
- From the first second the Vapor was going much faster than my sailing partners and much faster than I was able to sail my own 162, on which I have some TOW now.
- I have used the same rig on both the Gaastra and the 162 and tested the same fins. THIS INCLUDES KASHY TYPE .
- The Gaastra worked well with my rig and the Kashy type fin and had amazing speed and stability . much faster than the same gear on the 162.
- Also much better upwind angle and something nobody mentioned yet, the Gaastra was not picky regarding trim.
-I tried lower boom, higher boom, mast forward and back, and the Vapor board was still sailing well. I'd say it has a very wide sweetspot , as opposed to being very trim and tuning sensitive, as my 162 appears to be.
- also Gaastra went thru chop with amazing speed, without slowing down or bouncing . That board rocks.
- what I asked here was for the guys who were able to tune their 162 to be competitive with the Gaastra to just TELL WHAT FINS THEY USED. Instead I hear this BS about TOW, what works for one doesn't work for another, they all sound like excuses instead of just ANSWERING THE SIMPLE QUESTION.
- so in conclusion, instead of 5 posts that say "you need more TOW" , which I DID NOT NEED on the Gaastra , please just simply ANSWER WHICH FINS WORKED FOR YOU .

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