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yep,I'm geo's friend who has bought his 162 with huge expectations (as many of us) but it seems to me that I've coming back at 2006 when sailed an Exo warp formula! Same identical feeling. I mean,in the end of last season my level was more than accettable (considering my TOW and my skills).I was easily in the top ranking of the crew which I sail with but now it seems I've fallen down and down and down like when sailed the Exo warp farmula.Please note that in 2006 Starboard has made the 160 (probably the best fw of the brand and one of the best overall).
So what? My TOW is almost identical to the last season one and I've got also 2 brand new '08 fw sails!
Ok probably I've not all that "finesse" to easy understand what the board loves to sail fast and comfortable but I've choosen Starboard for its well known easyness and relative problem-free feeling.I guess that this year I've wrong and just when,according with rules, the board would have last 2 years.... I'm going to ne not so lucky!!
Why now the top team guys don't put here their tricks to make us improve our performance with the board?
A very good example comes from Fanatic website.If you look at Falcon's section there are lot of different advices for different sailors with different sail and fin brands.That's why the Falcons are very fin sensitive.
Someone told right.In 2005 Fanatic has big troubles for having wronged its Fw shape and they have stopped to re-build some for their incapacity to quick react at all the questions the sailor's made.
Please Starboard,make youself a favor,help us seriously and quick....
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