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well, the fact that nobody from Starboard is answering here is telling enough.
I recall months ago I read here first rumors that the R20 fin was not working with the 162 and Starboard guys were quick to jump and said these were just rumors, etc, R20 was supposed to be released "next week" (that was 2-3 months ago). Still no R20 yet, it's not mentioned here or on Deboichet website.
There is one R20 allegedly that might've been used by Allison Shreeve when she came to the USNationals but there was also a 2nd fin she had , which nobody that I spoke knows what it was.
I tried to gain whatever equipment info from equipment lists that are supposed to be posted before races but none of the races is posting the equipment lists anymore it seems.
The Formula Windsurfing website is useless in this respect also. This website is also not posting anything useful.
I just jumped on a Gaastra board recently and without any extra TOW I was visibly faster than on my board , after the first 10 seconds of sailing .I am buying a Gaastra , which I have on order, but until I receive it I wanted to give my 162 a chance .It seems the Starboard team knows there is no way to be really competitive with the Gaastra, or else they would've simply posted the equipment info I requested, something like "sailor x used this fin, sailor z used that fin , etc.
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