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Don't know if this will be solved, maybe yes, I hope yes for all the people that poured their money in the new Formula board.
If this will not be solved, it will be a greatly deserved lesson for many board makers. Change for change's sake: a purely commercial attitude, used to boost sales at the expenses of customers that, at best after one season (if one orders blindfolded and buys the new kit immediately after release, taking all the risks; but in average much less than that), will find their investment in materials depreciated and hard to sell, and themselves salivating for the newest model year kit. Starboard is master in this.
I am not a Formula sailor, but from what I read it seems both 160 and 161 were hugely successful boards, 162 seems to be a mistake. This happens now, when designs are locked for two years. This will probably lead to put Gaastra and F2 in the same position where Starboard was until now: the safe "default" choice. I think Starboard has just destroyed their precious reputation as builders of strongly and reliably competitive Formula boards; an this happens just because of their commercial politics. Hope this will make things change. The lesson is easy, after all: when something works, let it work. Just that.

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