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Hi guys,

This post seems to be going in a few different directions now; so just to tie up a few loose ends...

I haven't seen any performance issues with the 162 in the 6-7 months I have been racing against them in Australia. At the front of the fleet and the guys in the mid-fleet have not changed positions to the norm whatsoever after upgrading boards from the 160/161. I sailed the 162 a few times and thought it a real improvement over the 161, especially downwind. Its definitely a different "ride" in terms of feel compared to the 161 and VERY different compared to the Gaastra Vapor.

The 162 is a very 'driven' board, whereby it gets into a groove and sticks in that groove upwind. It sails a little flatter at the nose then its predecessors and feels a little stiffer. If you ever jump on a Vapor you'll notice its the opposite. Its very 'loose' and twitchy and slight changes in foot pressure can make considerable differences to the trim. The Vapor board sails best with a high and flighty front of the board. I often give people a try of my Vapor after they've been sailing a 162 and they are suprised at how lively the board is; its just that it feels lively compared to a stiff board like the 162. They are DIFFERENT boards. All the two-boat testing I have done failed to find one faster than the other.

Regarding "Kashy" style fins. I often refer to them in my articles just to distinguish between them and more traditional shapes like Deb R13, Hurricane 4a etc etc. By 'Kashy' style I mean that they are swept-back at the tip, stiff at the base with a very soft tip section. There's a plethora of more variables in fins than just 'stiff here, soft here', so that was just a broad way to categorise fins. The R20 and most Kashy's are this style however I do believe the R20 is different to Kashy's in terms of outline and flex/twist (its not a 'copy' of a Kashy as others have suggested).

Regarding its availability. I've talked to quite a few guys around the world who have an R20 so it must be available. I believe Oriana has had some personal tragedy in her family so probably things are very busy for her at the moment. Please be patient! Oriana and JJ are hard-working people!

And for the record, everyone of those guys I spoke to told me the R20 is working great in nearly all conditions and that I should go out and buy one immediately.
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