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Is it enough to treat only the affected areas, or should one redo the whole surface? Should one send down or completely remove the old coating? Does the board have a layer of glass-fiber outside the wood as some other brands have? Where are the instructions? How will it progress if I donít fix it?

You are shouting quite loud about the wood-technology wherever your products are advertised. I can't recall however any warning regarding the durability of these boards. It's the first time I have a wood-board and the first time I see this problem. Once I have shown it to others though, I learned that this is quite a common problem.

Invented in 1984, in mass production since 1994 (in fact, the combination of wood and water is known for mankind a bit longer than that). You must have had some clue about the water-absorption property of wood in 2001 when my board was in production. Now it's 2008. The problem is known for years, and all you can offer to a user of your product is to search for instructions somewhere else?
Sorry Roger, that's not good enough.

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