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I'm not a team member here, I just thought I could offer some help.
Now I see you're asking about volume too.
1. How heavy are you?
2. What other sails do you want to use below 6.2 and above 7.0? These two are too close imho. Cambered 7.0 will easily cover 6.2 top end, but the difference of course is in handling, and if you want them for different boards/different purposes, then OK.
3. Are you going to dump iSonic or are you keeping it? You may miss its fast ride on flatter water.
4. What is the wind strength when you have trouble in heavy chop? Some people will advise "grit your teeth and go for it/balls of steel, etc", but not everyone wants a hair-raising ride of iSonic in swell and chop. Kombat will always be more manageable/tame/softer ride in ugly conditions.


Edit: Now when I re-read your post, its seems that you need 7-7.5 sail on a Kombat. Is it true, that in 7.5 conditions you get unmanageable water state?

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