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sergio k
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Only Laser/Radial and RSX are really ONE DESIGN . The others are BOX RULE classes, more than one brand produces the boats.
Star have Lilia, Mader etc etc etc.
470, Yingling, Tornado, Finn all have more than one boat builder too. The same with sails, you can use whatever sail brand you want to, except those classes.
I agree when Sergio says that Olympics do nothing for the sport and I don't think windsurfing needs to be at Olympics at all.
I never wrote 'that Olympics do nothing for the sport ', I think we get some visibility
and respect from general public, and I'll take it over 'nothing', we need to grow our sport;
But we would get so much more bang for the buck if we have real class like FW,
FOD is a step in the right direction-but still a big compromise...
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