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Hi Russell,
In my experience, using a smaller (like 60-65 cm) race fin changes the Serenity from something "not very Serene" (It throws you into the water when the pressure on the fin changes from one side to the other as it goes through a minor "neutral load" condition) to something far easier to sail, as good or better upwind, and noticeably faster (less drag and much easier to sail).
I've sailed Serenities with weed fins from 53 cm (way too big) down to 28 cm (a little too small and have found that both the Tangent Dynamics 32 cm and the Lessacher Design 32 cm work really well, don't cause too much loss of upwind ability, and make the board really easy to sail in shallow water or weedy conditions.
The stock fin in my 2008 Demo Serenity has never been wet as I consider it simply too much fin and people who are demoing/trying the Serenity for the first time have a much better success rate and far more fun with a 60-64 cm Deboichet Concept, 58-62 cm System B CNC Race fin, or 32-42 cm Tangent Dynamics or Lessacher Design Weed fin.
Hope this helps,
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