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now, how hard was that? comments below...
Originally Posted by C249 View Post
Yes, I think an OD class IS the best way to represent windsurfing.

1- Windsurfing is in the Games largely because it is seen as cheap. If we brought in a development windsurfer class it could increase costs in the same way that it did in the development dinghy classes, where the British spent (IIRC) 20,000 pounds on a single mast for a slow 11 foot dinghy. If they can spend 20,000 pounds on a mast, what could they spend on a whole FW board development programme?

That dinghy has now been dumped because smaller nations felt that they couldn't afford to be competitive - that is NOT a recipe for success.

'FW already has rules to control the costs, including that board/sails have to be production,
with a small addition of including fins/mast/booms to be production + freezing the dev. for
couple of years before the Olympic you would control the cost, plus with diff. brands in the play, I bet, most of the stuff would be given to racers by manufacturers for free with a big 'thank you' for exposure at the Olympics. When did you see last time a top pro that actually paid for his/hers board? Big expense in windsurfing competitions is travel
expense, equipment barely a side note in that budget!'

2- When it comes to racing, windsurfing's current obsession with "open" classes doesn't seem to be doing much for the numbers. Our championship regattas are tiny compared to some of the popular dinghy classes. Lasers outsell FW by 350% each year.....our way is not working!

'Fist, most windsurfers don't race, just bunch of weekend warriors at the local lake.
Second, manufacturers not too excited in promoting 'one' board that works from 5-30 knots, and can be sailed by a beginner and a pro, they prefer selling 2-4 boards instead
that almost accomplish the same thing...'

3- If we are looking for a model to copy, why look at bike racing (which attracts only a tiny% of bike riders, even those of performance bikes) and not sailboat racing which attracts a very large % of sailors, and is a closer sport in Olympic terms?

'Still don't get what you're trying to say, I gave example of biking as a reference that it's
a Olympic sport and not OD'

4- Why make a contest between athletes into a contest between manufacturers?
'This one is a really goofy comment, if you follow any of the main FW events, it's the talent that wins every time, Antoine won few years back on a 2 year old board design, as an example...'
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