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Hi Dennis778,

Yes, I'm the same steveC on the Hansen Sails forum. I've been sailing Bill's sails for over 20 years now. In fact, I have a 2006 Windwing 8.3 Hammer like you recently purchased (I still haven't removed the cambers yet). Right now I'm waiting for Bill to finalize the designs for the wave sails, as I'm looking to pick up a new Hansen 5.6.

Regarding weedfins, I thought I would mention Wolfgang Lessacher's designs. In particular, I have found the carbon Duo Weed line to be an outstanding weedfin design that performs better than any other weedfins that I've tried. I've owned many True Ames designs since the late 80s, and while they are worthy performers, I can honestly say that I like Lessacher's Duo Weed fins much better. Really excellent windward performance without the tendency to spinout or crab sideways, and I have found that I can do it with significantly smaller sized fins. The 34cm I recently bought performs on a par (light wind efficency and windward ability) with the 20" (50.8 cm) True Ames SB Weed. As a result, Lessacher's fins are much easier to launch in shallow rocky environments, they are a whole lot lighter in weight, and arguably quicker overall. I believe that Lessacher's unique asymmetric foiling is a part of the magic that makes them work so well, and I should point out that they do it without needing the leading edge to be forward of the finbox.

Even though you just ordered the GSport weedfin and probably don't want to think about spending more money on fins at the moment, I'm sure that at some time in the future you will find reason to invest again in more fins (we all do). When you do, I would seriously consider one of Lessacher's Duo Weed fins. You can check them out at the following website.

Lastly, I should point out that Lesssacher's website doesn't show all the sizes that are currently available, so I would encourage direct contact to better understand what's possible.

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