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Hi guys,
maybe Olympic windsurfing represents a small group of the sport. Also, Formula Windsurfing boards (a best choice now) represents maybe 1% of the boards out there...but having any windsurfing class representing our sport benefits our sport.

Governments and sponsors have a good idea of the importance of Olympics and support not only top sailors but schools, local events, ect.

I think is important to have windsurfing as a Olympic sport because it generates more exposure, more minutes on TV, media, etc and that means money getting into the sport in general terms.

I think that for sure, a planning class as FW is a better choice than the actual or than any type of non-planning class as windsurfing now is more related to a planning sport than maybe 30 years ago that maybe was more a non-planning sport.

FW now is maybe the best choice for Olympics and for me its clear than windsurfing can have more and more money on it with Olympics than without them

Best regards,

Ricardo Guglielmino
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