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I think my question has been answered.

Windsurfing is under the umbrella of sailing and they only have 2 medals for windsurfing, so we can only use one board.

OK I understand to get windsurfing into the Olympics in the first place it had to come under sailing.

But surely windsurfing has been in the Olympics long enough and has proved it can provide changes in boards to keep up to date with developments. For 2012 the FOD for example. A lot of energy has gone into this but why not into getting windsurfing in on its own right. With a range of boards to represent our sport.

There are many people in the sport competing and it is not just on FW.

I have raced all of the olympic boards apart from the RSX but I also raced or sailed quite a few of the Olympic sailing classes when I was young.

I do not know the figures but I would not be surprised to find that there are more people racing or sailing long boards than FW. Or the trend is moving over to slalom as opposed to FW.

So is it not time that windsurfing comes of age and is represented in it's own right.

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