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Check what the IOC's Olympic Programme Commission has created as criteria for inclusion as an Olympic sport. On our own, we'd miss by miles. For example, if a sport has its own national federations in less than 110 countries it scores "low"; there are just 51 nations that are part of the International Windsurfing Association, across all classes.

On ticket sales at world titles, or the number of countries that paid for TV rights to the last 2 worlds and the amount they paid, broadcast hours at recent Games, our environmental programme, we'd score low.

Same, probably, with our anti-doping programme, our four year plan with its "well-identified strategies for governance, finance, development and marketing", the share and amount of our Federation's income from broadcasting rights (you get only a medium score is $1 to 10 million US per year!), development by the sport,etc etc etc.

When it comes to gender equity and transparency and fairness on the field, we'd score high. But in the vast majority of criteria we are probably at the very bottom ranking.
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