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I'll give you the same advice i give most intermediates: Get the Go. Both me and another use Windsurferdagg were extremely pleased with the GO139. i never gave mine up and still sail it with sails up to 9mē. WDagg sold his eventually for a hypersonic if i recall correctly. If you're surfing mainly 10mē though, you'd eighter have to buy the 2008 GO133 or 144, but i suspect you'd like to sail more and thus also bigger so if you have the budget get the Futura, it'll be a bit more technical at first and less forgiving then the GO (perhaps even slower to get into planning) but you've been at it for ac couple of years so if you're technique is correct the bigger Futuras are a good intermediate low wind option.

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beginning to get comfortable in harness and foot straps on the plane and in reasonable control but still trying to get the hang of steering the board smoothly when on the plane.

I would think that my week day windsurfing would be on a inland lake (farnmoor, Oxford) but I also aim to start doing some trips to the coast.
i'm not sure how i should interpreta the last part: going to the coast? I tried surfing the GO in wavyish conditions in light winds and it s****. The freeride boards are flatwater boards and for the larger boards you'd need an adapted fin and a flat sea (like you get in the mediterranean on mistral days), something you extremely rarely find in England. If you do want this, you could look into the Kombat Tuffskin. It's a 20 L transition but this board is more cross-over minded then the futuras. The sailrange is < 9 mē though so this might be a problem.
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My concerns are that the Go is quite heavy and may be limiting in the near future.

The futura looks good but maybe I will end up damaging it if i catapult, I seam to have gone past the point of regular catapults but can not be sure it won't happen again more often in the future. Would the Futura be reasonable in lighter inland winds.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
The GO is heavier, but a board can't go faster then it's rider , i've passed a lot of guys on the water with my GO. The point of the GO is pure down the line fun on a board that is chilled. Futura is more of a speeder but the faster you go, the harder you fall . If you're afraid of damaging your nose; get a noseprotector, some guys just put a foam band over the nose and there a mast deviators for sale all around.
In the end, it all depends on what you're willing to spend and what you're willing to sacrifice.

hope this helps
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