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Thanks for your answer!

About my sailing ability; i can do vulcans and flakas and i'm trying to get the spock right..
so the board will be for freestyle use. the conditions i will be sailing in are mostly a bit choppy with some flat spots for the moves near the beach.

at the moment i have a tabou freestyle 110 -06 which is 68cm wide. it feels a bit too big for freesyle and a little slow and that is why i'm thinking about a smaller board.

Ive decided to wait for the 09 models but I don't know yet which 98 or 106 (my weight 81kg). One more thing, I will be using 20cm MFC freestyle fin.

I tried my friends 08 99l flare and it felt really fast and the control was excellent. So how does the feel of the new 106 compare to this board? I also understood that there will be wood and wood-carbon(?) models, how much is the difference in weight on these?

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