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I'm not sure if I like that idea Crash! That has always been my argument against RSX. Why is just the "sailors' skill" a measure of their windsurfing abilities? I really believe that tuning is a very difficult skill to possess and having to do it year in year out, when the new gear arrives each year makes it as big a part of the sport as does the actual racing.

The Pro's are generally locked (with their contracts) in to riding the newest gear even if the newest gear is slower than the previous years'. In that case, they must work especially hard to get the new gear going fast with different combinations of fins, masts etc etc. Tuning is probably +80% of most people's training for formula!

I really like what tuning has done for my knowledge and understanding of how all the equipment (especially fins) works. If we were racing a one-design class, all we'd have to do is just have to go out and practice tacks/gybes all day ~ how boring!

You are right though. Great that there's so many different designs out there that are working and nobody is really dominating the fin market at the moment (at least that's how I see it).
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