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Default longboard dilema

I have been following the longboard race board issues for a litle bit . I am thinking of buying one ( used or new ...?? i dont know) and starting to race like i did years ago with a Mistral Comp SST ( complete for $1300 ex VAT here in Canada 15 years ago... i gave it away).

I know of of a guy who has ordered one here in central canada other then that i havent heard anything other then the high sticker price(even at cost) .

As you know the only long boards available to race " competitively" are old F2s lightnings ( rare) equipes, mistral ODs, at least from what i have seen on the net. Konas while nice, cant compete with this old crop of racers so i dont count them in, and it is unlikley it will get a following with the hardcore racers in central US where i am located.
The whole issue here for me is will the new 380 out class the older raceboards?
While some look for the best performance money can buy, i am looking for better competition without being outclassed by the newest gear.
GO O.D. you say? well when there no fleet locally theres no use.
Ramping up production on the assembly line for a product like this is surely to cost the manufacturer quite a bit of moola straight up without any guarantee of sales.
Simply put sales are important and a company needs them.
Starboard like other companies like exocet seem to be feeling ther way slowly and methodically before they release a tried and true product.
The last few years have seen boards like the shorter phantom come and go, along with the hybrids ...a very confusing mix it seesm to me and evidence of some confusion at the manufactueres level as well.
Maybe it a if you build it they ( the buyers)will come.
they didnt seem to come out for the boards ive just mentioned so.... IMHO they are being carefull now.
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