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"The last few years have seen boards like the shorter phantom come and go, along with the hybrids ...a very confusing mix it seems to me and evidence of some confusion at the manufacturers level as well."

Good thoughts, Shredulato. It looks to me like the Phantom 380 is a winner, but I guess after expensive experiments with white elephants like the hybrids, Starboard are taking the path of caution.

I sail a Kona now. It's a fun board and probably a great one-design, but it can't keep up with older raceboards and sailboats around a course, so opportunities for good competition are limited. That's where I think a Phantom 380 would shine. Just for once I'd like to spank the local sailboat fleet in their Wednesday night races. I came close a couple times when I used to sail formula, but the wind would always drop before the race was over.
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